2024 3rd International Conference on Acoustics, Fluid Mechanics and Engineering(AFME 2024)
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The conference will mainly focus on Acoustics, Fluid Mechanics and Green’s Function. The conference aims to provide an exchange platform for experts and scholars, engineers and research personnel of related fields. The topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

I. 声学  Acoustics

线性声学(射线声学、波动声学、声波反射、散射、衍射、干涉、传播衰减)Linear Acoustics (Ray Acoustics, Wave Acoustics, Acoustic Reflection, Scattering, Diffraction, Interference, Propagation Attenuation)
非线性声学(非线性机械波动力学、声孤子及其混沌)Nonlinear Acoustics (Nonlinear Mechanical Wave Dynamics, Acoustic Solitons And Chaos)
流体动力声学(航空声学、流体运动与声波相互作用、流体声辐射、燃烧声学)Hydrodynamic Acoustics (Aeroacoustics, Fluid Motion And Sound Wave Interaction, Fluid Sound Radiation, Combustion Acoustics)
水声学(水声和海洋声学)Hydroacoustics (Hydroacoustics And Marine Acoustics)
结构声学(振动噪声分析与控制、机械动力学)Structural Acoustics (Vibration And Noise Analysis And Control, Mechanical Dynamics)
建筑声学(建筑声学设计、噪声控制与评估)Architectural Acoustics (Architectural Acoustic Design, Noise Control And Evaluation)
超声学(超声电子学、检测声学)Ultrasonics (Ultrasonic Electronics, Testing Acoustics)
声学材料(传统声学材料、新型声学材料)Acoustic Materials (Traditional Acoustic Materials, New Acoustic Materials)

II. 流体力学  Fluid Mechanics

水动力学(理想液体运动、粘性液体运动、空化、多相流、非牛顿流体运动、自由表面流动、压力流、水弹性问题)Hydrodynamics (Ideal Liquid Motion, Viscous Liquid Motion, Cavitation, Multiphase Flow, Non Newtonian Fluid Motion, Free Surface Flow, Pressure Flow, Hydroelasticity)
气体动力学(高温气体动力学、稀薄气体动力学、宇宙气体动力学)Gas Dynamics (High Temperature Gas Dynamics, Rarefied Gas Dynamics, Cosmic Gas Dynamics)
空气动力学(低速空气动力学、高速空气动力学)Aerodynamics (Low Speed Aerodynamics, High Speed Aerodynamics)
物理-化学流体力学(分散体系的流动、界面和毛细运动、电场中的流体运动)Physical Chemical Hydrodynamics (Flow Of Dispersion System, Interface And Capillary Motion, Fluid Motion In Electric Field)
等离子体流体力学(单粒子运动、波动、不稳定性、弧豫、输运和辐射现象)Plasma Hydrodynamics (Single Particle Motion, Wave, Instability, Arc Relaxation, Transport And Radiation Phenomena)
流体机械流体力学(多相复杂流动现象、高速两栖车辆及其水上推进系统、涡轮与压气机优化、液力传动系统)Hydromechanical Hydrodynamics (Multiphase Complex Flow Phenomena, High-Speed Amphibious Vehicles And Their Water Propulsion Systems, Turbine And Compressor Optimization, Hydraulic Transmission System)
工程流体力学(流体静力学、流体的机械运动、流体的平衡)Engineering Fluid Mechanics (Hydrostatics, Mechanical Motion Of Fluid, Fluid Balance)
多相流体力学(气-液流动、液-固流动、气-固流动、流-固流动)Multiphase Hydrodynamics (Gas-Liquid Flow, Liquid-Solid Flow, Gas-Solid Flow, Liquid-Solid Flow)

III. 格林函数 Green’s Function

水波格林函数Green’s function in Water Wave Theory
声学格林函数Green’s function in Acoustics
电动力学格林函数Green’s function in Electrodynamics
量子场论格林函数Green’s function in Quantum Field Theory
多体理论格林函数(关联函数)Green’s function in Multi-body Theory
拉普拉斯算子格林函数Green’s function for Laplace Operator
扩散方程格林函数Green’s function for Diffusion Equation
哈密顿算子格林函数Green’s function for Hamilton Operator
离散格林函数Discrete Laplace Operator
格林函数数学理论Green’s function for Partial Differential Equations

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